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Focus on Talent

  • We firmly believe that one of the most important determinants of student achievement is the quality of the teacher in the classroom. Likewise, the quality of school leaders is the most important driver of teacher success.

  • Consequently, we go to great lengths to recruit, develop, recognize and retain a team of talented teachers and school leaders. All school leaders trains before launching a new academic year, and all teachers participate in professional development.

  • Our schools release early on Saturdays to provide two additional hours every week of staff meeting and learning time.

  • Every teacher has a coach (a principal) who meets with them at least once every two weeks to provide individual coaching and support.

More Time Spent Learning

  • The school day is nearly two hours longer than the traditional public school day, allowing many students to have two reading classes and an extended math class every day, with tutoring available during and after school, an average of one to two hours of homework per night, and an intensive independent reading program so that students READ, READ, READ both at home and at school.

Rigorous Curriculum

  • Our institution has clearly defined "scope and sequence" documents that outline the ambitious academic standards that all students are expected to master at each grade level, so that success in one grade can be seamlessly built on in the next. Teachers understand that "covering material" is not our goal; what is important is how well students master the standards.

Strategic Use of Data and Targeted Interventions

  • Every six weeks, teachers give interim assessments (IA) that measure whether students have actually mastered what we have taught them. Teachers and principals review the individual assessments and together creating data-driven instructional plans that target whole class, small group and one-on-one instruction to address any gaps in student learning.

  • There is designated time during the school day, after school and on Saturdays for small group and individual tutoring. Both teachers and students believe that we need to do "whatever it takes" to make sure all students learn.